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Morning Keynote Speaker and Seminar - Turbo Marketing 9:00 am  
Presented by: Matt Michel, CEO, Service Nation

In this fast-paced presentation, Matt will provide dozens of tactical marketing actions that can be immediately implemented by all contractors regardless of size. Too many times, a business owner believes that his or her marketing is all about spending money on advertising and certainly advertising is part of any marketing plan. However, advertising is only one segment of a good marketing plan. In reality, grassroots, guerilla marketing tactics can be equally effective at reaching your targeted customer and more cost-effective. Attend this presentation and you will leave with dozens of cost-effective marketing tactics to implement in your business immediately. 

Proven Internet Lead Generation - 10:00 am
Presented by: Jack Nagy, President & Founder, mta360

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Understand who Google is today
  • How important is your website
  • The 4 main parts of a Website
  • Why domain authority is so important
  • A proper understanding of SEO
  • Can you really be successful at Google AdWords
  • How to increase traffic & generate leads from your website


Increase Sales & Profits with Affordable Customer Financing Options - 11:00 am
Presented by: Greg Cobb, President & CEO, Inglenook Financial

Learn about the range of financing options available to help you meet the unique needs of each customer. You will learn how to select the right financing option for each customer situation, to both close more sales and maximize your profit. Finance terminology will be discussed to help you better understand rates, fees, discounts, points, etc. Become better informed about the finance options available to select the right options for your business and address the full range of your customer’s needs. Discover affordable finance options for customers with less than perfect credit.



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